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DVE Uniforms

Swimmers, water polo players and divers are requested to wear the DVE Aquatic club polo at all competitions.

Uniforms can be ordered through our DVE Aquatic store on Team App. 

TeamApp logo.png

A range of reasonably priced DVE club apparel is available for purchase, including:

  • Polo shirts (kids and adults)

  • Hoodie with zip (kids and adults)

  • Hoodie without zip (kids and adults)

  • Water polo tops (kids and adults)

  • Water polo bathers – male and female styles – price on application (depends on demand)


  • Name (small)

  • Name (large) eg back of hoodie

  • Title (small) eg state, year

  • Additional water polo logo

Vinyl on back of polo tops
Training snorkels and snorkel replacement yokes
Club caps and state cap


Further information available from the Uniforms Officer –





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