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Club Meet

Club nights are held over 6 sessions on Wednesday nights throughout the year at WaterMarc.


The focus is on swimmers improving their own personal best times rather than on competing against others.

This is an excellent introduction to competitive swimming with a low level of intensity. 

Club Nights are a fun activity for all members and provide an opportunity for both casual and squad swimmers to experience and/or practice racing in a friendly, familiar environment.They also provide an opportunity to meet people, socialise and build team spirit.

Club Championships

Our Club Championships are held over in April/May each year. To be eligible to enter a member must have participated in at least 5 club events defined as:

Club Aggregate (each session is 1 event)
District Aggregate (each session is 1 event)
Winter Interclub (each session is 1 event)
Any DVE swim meet (ie: SC, LC, Sprint meet)



DVE Meets


DVE run qualifying meets open to all clubs once every 3 months including:

  • DVE Aquatic 'Last Chance' Short Course Meet

  • DVE Aquatic ‘Spring’ LC Qualifying Meet

  • DVE National Qualifying Meet

  • DVE Aquatic 'Get in Early' Short Course Meet

Metro North Meets

The club competes in a variety of other competitions including Metro Junior Competitions, Metro North District Age Championships and encouragement meets.


Victorian State and National Competitions

DVE Swimmers aim to qualify and compete in Swimming Victoria competitions including State Age, Open and Sprint Championships. DVE Swimmers also aim to qualify and compete at the Australian Age and Open Nationals, which are the premier competitions for club swimming in Australia. 

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