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Victorian Age LC Championships

DVE had another great Victorian Age LC Championships in 2023

Day 1: Great day with many pb's and finals. Final Results: Ashley 4th in 100m Breaststroke, Amity 4th in 200m Breaststroke, Semra 1st in 50m freestyle and Zahra qualified for finals. Girls 12-18 Relay Team 4 x 100m finished 5th overall, and Girls 12-13 200m Freestyle Relay 17th overall. Congratulations on achieving National qualifying time to Ryley for 200 Free and Jacob for 100 Free.

Day 2: Many more pbs and smiles. Many made it through to finals including: Semra placing 1st in 200 backstroke and 2nd in 100 freestyle, Zahra placing 2nd in 100 breaststroke, Ashley placing 4th in 200 breaststroke, Ryley placing 9th In freestyle whilst also achieving his national qualifying time, Jacob L placed 10th in 100 freestyle, Jack achieving his national time in the medley relay on the backstroke leg. Girls 14/14 B team achieved a national qualifying time and the girls 12-18 team came in fifth in the medley relay. Thanks again to our coaches, team managers, parents, carers and huge congratulations to all of our swimmers. All of our hard work and early mornings pay off!

Day 3 of racing was another successful day for all our swimmers. Finals included: Zahra placing 3rd in 50 freestyle, Jack placing 8th in 100 backstroke whilst also achieving a national qualifying time, Ashley placing 10th in 200IM, Zahra placing 3rd in 200IM, Rhianna placing 4th and Tilly placing 10th in 200 butterfly, Ryley placing 2nd in 200 butterfly. Once again well done to all swimmers, parents, carers, coaches, team managers and support crew! Relay info to come…..

Day 5. Finals included: Zahra placing 4th in 100 backstroke, Amity placing 6th in 100 breaststroke, Rhianna medaling 2nd in 100 butterfly, Ryley placing 4th in 100 butterfly, Zahra medaling 2nd in breaststroke, Rhianna placing 10th, Ryley placing 9th in 100 freestyle, Amity placing 10th in 200IM and relay teams beating their entry times! Congratulations to all the athletes.. Thankyou to our coaches Adele & Brian on pool deck, parents, carers, and team managers.

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